About US

Hi, we are Cynthia and Alexander! Travel bloggers who started in Travel your Memories 2019 with a vision: sharing our travel passion. We do this by sharing travel stories with you! We share all the tips and experiences we gain during our trip in our travel articles.

Most people enjoy going on a trip, but putting together a trip will cost you a lot of energy and time. Our articles ensure that this becomes more fun and efficient. What does travel mean to us? Traveling is perhaps one of the nicest things you can do in your life. Traveling contributes to our happiness, because we intensely enjoy all the cool things we see and do during our travels. The feeling of freedom, the feeling that nothing is obligate and everything is allowed, is great! Traveling around the world gives you the chance to discover different cultures, to broaden your view on life, to enjoy all the beauty that our world has to offer, but above all to appreciate how privileged we are!

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We are happy to work with you. If you want to highlight a product, brand, destination, social post or sponsored story, please contact us. We are also happy to work with you in the form of a press trip. If you want to work with us, send an email. Include the following information in your message: company name, website, project details, budget (if known).


We are sharing our passion by writing down all our experience