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Visit the 8 best beaches in Mexico

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While Mexican food is one of the best in the world, we should never forget the pristine beaches it has to offer. The country is filled with some of the most gorgeous beaches you will find in the world. There are more than five hundred beaches spread across Mexico.

So, whether you are looking for an active water vacation or relaxing near the water, Mexico has everything. Be sure to have your Tourist Card and a health declaration to enter the country successfully. Once you do, make your way to the beautiful beaches.

Here are the best beaches in Mexico you need to visit.


No list of Mexican beaches is complete without mentioning Cancun. It is a popular tourist destination, and rightly so. You will find the best beaches, beautiful sunsets, adventurous water activities, high-class entertainment, and much more.

However, Cancun is more than just its pristine beaches. The place also offers exciting nightlife, Mayan temples, and the most delicious local cuisine. So, don’t forget to explore this jaw-dropping gem during your trip.

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Tulum is just a two-hour drive away from Cancun, and you will love this picture-perfect beach. However, the place has a rich history too. That is because you have the beautiful Caribbean Sea on one side of the beach, and on the other side, you have the ancient Mayan ruins.

There are many beaches in Tulum that you can easily explore. These include Playa Ruinas, South Playa, and many others. Each beach offers unique beauty that you will not get tired of looking at.

Tulum beach view

Playa Del Amor

Have you ever been to a beach inside a cave? Well, if you haven’t, then Playa del Amor is one of the best hidden gems to visit as it is ridiculously gorgeous. The beach is on the Marieta Islands, and it is also known as the Hidden Beach.

That is because it is said that the Mexican government used to test bombs here, which is why it is deserted. When you are here, you will feel as if you are in a world of your own with turquoise waters, colorful foliage, and much more. To get to this hidden gem, you will need to get on a boat, and there is a restricted daily allowance of visitors.

Maroma Beach

Maroma beach is an amalgamation of white sand and gorgeous aquamarine water that you will not get tired of seeing. However, to access this beach, you will have to book one of the luxurious properties surrounding the beach. That is because the beach is part of the gated Maroma community.

So, if you can afford to stay in the area, it is one of the best beaches to visit. Besides that, the beach is not crowded, and you can easily relax here without a big crowd. Of course, the water is also perfect for swimming as it is incredibly calm and peaceful.

Playa Norte

Playa Norte is on Isla Mujeres and it has bohemian reputation. Of course, with time, it is more built than the other beaches you will find on the island. The beach includes many roofed cabanas, sun loungers, and much more to relax and watch the beautiful sunset.

You have to come early here if you want the best seating option for the beach. If you arrive early, you can also spot some of the whale sharks in the water. You can also book a snorkeling tour to learn more about the beautiful marine life inside the ocean.

Balandra Beach

If you are tired of visiting touristy spots and want to get off the tourist trail, then Balandra Beach is the ideal place to stay. The beach is picturesque with a stretch of white sand and the beautiful sea. The beach is peaceful because not many people come here and so it is ideal for getting away from the crowd.

Balandra Beach resembles a lagoon because of the illusion of the high cliffs that completely circle the beach. The waters are shallow, and you can wade from one side to another, which is why it is also ideal for children. You can also opt for snorkeling to explore the reefs beyond.


Huatulco is located along the Southern Mexican coastline that faces the Pacific Ocean. It boasts a stretch of twenty miles of shoreline and is perfect for many reasons. You can enjoy sunken shipwrecks, golden sand, healthy reefs, beautiful sunsets and sunrise, and horseback riding when you come here.

If you want to relax among the most beautiful views, Huatulco is Mexico’s best beach to visit. If you want more adventure, you can always head over to Cacaluta from here. Cacaluta can only be accessed through a hike or boat ride.


Do you love small towns and surfing? If you do, the Sayulita Beach on the Riviera Nayarit is one of the best beaches to visit. The beach sits on the Pacific Ocean and is thirty miles away from Puerto Vallarta if you are in a nearby area.

The beach has golden sands and mountains beyond and is one of the best for people who love surfing. However, the small town is much more than just surfing as you will find boutique resorts, restaurants, artisan shops, and much more. If you want to get away from the city life in Mexico and spend some time in a small town, Sayulita is the best option.

Conclusion about the best beaches in Mexico

These are the top eight beaches in Mexico that you will fall in love with. Each of these beaches has something unique to offer to tourists, and not all of them are crowded tourist destinations. So, if you are a beach lover, these eight places should be on the top of your Mexico itinerary. Also, make sure you don’t need a visa to Mexico. This will avoid any hassles.

Once you show your Tourist Card and health declaration form on arrival, you will enter Mexico. When you do, be sure to include these beaches to make the most of your time in this gorgeous country.

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