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#15 Best places to stay in Peru

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Are you looking for the best places to stay in Peru? During our travel through Peru, we went looking for the best places to stay in Peru. We found a lot of special places where you can stay which we are happy to share with you! In this article you see per destinations, that is part of our Peru itinerary, our favorite hostels, and hotels.

Tip: Many of these hostels and hotels are very popular, they receive high scores, so it is recommended to book on time. We therefore always link to because you can often cancel your booking free of charge up to one day in advance or change your reservation 2 days upfront. Very useful when your travel plans change!

The best places to stay in Peru where
we have found our favorite places


Selina Miraflores Lima

lima v7

Selina Miraflores has a lot of rooms from different price ranges. There are small rooms and very luxurious rooms. If you are traveling alone or on a budget, you can also sleep in a dormitory. The rooms are very nicely decorated and the most important thing is that this hotel is very good value for money. This hotel scores very high on booking and is therefore very popular. So be on time when booking.

Price per night from:
€ 11 dormitory | € 18 double room

Pool Paradise Lima

lima v8

Pool Paradise is a nice hostel with a swimming pool and a nice general area to relax and get to know other travelers. The rooms look very neat and the hostel also organizes fun activities to participate in. An ideal place for travelers looking for a nice place to sleep to get to know other travelers.

Price per night from:
€ 7 dormitory | € 18 double room


Paracas Backpackers House

paracas 1

We stayed in Paracas Backpackers House and are very satisfied with it. The rooms are very neat, the people are very kind and they have a nice general area to meet other travelers. You can book all your tours and transport at this hostel for a small extra cost, very handy!

Price per night from:
€ 7 dormitory | € 16 double room

Kokopelli Hostel Paracas

paracas v3

Another big recommendation is Kokopelli Hostel Paracas. They have a nice swimming pool and have an incredibly relaxed general area. Everything here is very neat and is highly recommended by other travelers. With a 9 on Booking it scores exponentially high, so be on time with booking, because this accommodation is very popular.

Price per night from:
€ 12 dormitory | € 28 double room


Banana’s Adventure Hostel

huacachina v3

We stayed at Banana’s Adventure Hostel and we were very pleased. The general area, pool, staff, and vibe in this hostel are really great. You can book the sandboarding and buggy tour at this hostel. Besides, the food here is really good, so you don’t have to eat anywhere. The rooms are nice and the bathroom is one of the best you will find in Peru. Highly recommended.

Price per night from:
€ 22 dormitory | € 45 double room

La Casa de Bamboo

huacachina v2

La Casa de Bamboo is a hostel without a swimming pool, this isn’t a big problem because you can make use of the swimming pool of Bananas Adventure for a small fee. The rooms at this hostel are nice and cool even during warm periods. A very popular place, it is rated with an 8 on Booking by a lot of travelers.

Price per night from:
€ 17 dormitory

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Casa de Ana

arequipa v3

We stayed at La Casa de Ana and highly recommend it because you have a fantastic view without having to share it with many other people. La Casa de Ana is located in the area of Yanuhuara just outside the center, making it extremely quiet which is very pleasant. The rooms are very neat and most of all the staff are extremely nice. Believe us they want to help you with everything. Also, the breakfast is very tasty.

Price per night from:
€ 33 double room

Palla Boutique Hotel

arequipa v4

Palla Boutique Hotel is a special place to stay. The hotel has a gigantic roof terrace where you have a fantastic view over the city and the volcanoes. Your day always starts great at this hotel, because you will be served a breakfast buffet. The rooms are luxurious and it has a top location, 200 meters from Plaza de Armas. Highly recommended!

Price per night from:
€ 52 double room

Puno / Titicaca Lake

Casona Hotel Centro


We stayed in Casona Hotel Centro and we highly recommend it. The rooms are very big and luxurious. The beds are incredibly comfortable and the breakfast is delicious. The hotel is located right in the center, so you can walk everything. A very nice place to relax.

Price per night from:
€ 26 double room

Titicaca Lodge Peru


Do you want to sleep on a Uros island luxuriously, then you need to stay at the Titicaca lodge. If you want to wake up with a view directly of Lake Titicaca, you should spend the night here. It is important to know that this lodge is very exclusive and popular, so it is sometimes fully booked months in advance. This makes it important to book in time to ensure your spot.

Price per night from:
€ 110 dormitory


Amaru Inca

Cusco v1

We stayed in Amaru Inca and recommend it 100%. An authentic hostel with a lot of charm. It is located in a nice street in the middle of the San Blas district. The breakfast is really good, it was the best breakfast in Peru that we had. The rooms are quiet and the beds are very comfortable. The staff is professional and very nice. You can leave the things you don’t bring with you during the Salkantay trek without any problems. Highly recommended.

Price per night from:
€ 42 double room

Illa hotel

Cusco v2

Another highlight in the San Blas district is Illa hotel. This hotel is located near Amaru Ican. A beautiful building with a beautiful courtyard. The rooms are new and equipped with many facilities. Travelers who have stayed at this place are very pleased with the breakfast. A very comfortable hotel where you can completely unwind. Highly recommend staying at this place.

Price per night from:
€ 59 dormitory

Machu Picchu

When you visit Machu Picchu you need to stay at Aguas Calientes. if you are looking for a good and affordable hotel in Aguas Calientes, Andino Hotel (€45 double room) is highly recommended.

The rooms are very neat and the big advantage is that you can have breakfast at 05:00 am. If you want to leave earlier for sunrise you can also ask for breakfast that you can eat on the go.

If you want some luxury and want to recharge yourself for Machu Picchu, you can spend the night at Casa del Sol Machu Picchu (€130 double room).

Did you know that you can stay next to Machu Picchu? If you wish, you can stay overnight at Machu Picchu Belmond Sanctuary Lodge. This is perhaps one of the most special places to stay in the world. You have an overview of Machu Picchu in the evening without all the tourists.

What’s next?

Now you know the best places to stay in Peru, you should of course have a route. We have created a travel route through Peru in which we explain in detail everything you need to know for each destination. You can easily open this article via the link: Peru itinerary.

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