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Best restaurants in Colombia

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Colombia’s history goes back to more than just drug cartels and rings. The country has many cultural influences from Spain to Africa and much more. You can see the hints of these cultural influences in Colombian cuisine.

Colombian food is flavorful, unique, and will be a delight to your palate. Once you have cleared everything at arrival with your Check-Mig Pre form and all relevant documents, you will be allowed to enter. After that, you can hit the best restaurants in the country.

Here are the best restaurants in Colombia that you will love.

Colombia food

Andres Carne de Res

Andre Carne de Res is one of the most legendary steakhouses in all of Bogota. Visitors from everywhere come to delight in steaks here, and it is a favorite for the locals. The best part is the seventy-five-page menu with everything you will ever need, from steaks to arepas and much more.

The steakhouse is located right outside the center of Bogota, and its specialty is the meat cooked a la parrilla (on an Argentine grill). The restaurant is incredibly colorful as it is filled with vibrant decorations of all kinds, from flags to old clocks. Going to the restaurant will be a detour from Bogota, but it is worth it.

Café Rec

Jorge Moreno and his wife are the owners of Café Rec (in Bogota), and the idea behind the restaurant came to Moreno when his tape recorder collection became too tiresome. The couple opened the restaurant to showcase their unique recording machines and serve great coffee.

If you want to embrace the musical culture of Colombia while sipping on the best coffee, you will love being here. The walls are filled with tape recorders, and they serve coffee with unique brew preparation methods. Live music also plays here from time to time, which is why you will love the vibe.

bogota food

Helena Adentro

Helena Adentro in Filandia is run by a young local chef and his partner. The restaurant is incredibly hip, and it has an innovative take on traditional Colombian cuisine. All the food is created with fresh ingredients from local farms, and the menu keeps on changing, but the quality is always consistent.

If you love hip restaurants, the dining area will be a treat to your use. The area has an artsy vibe with a laid-back atmosphere and a bar area at the back to sip the best cocktails. All the cocktails are made from fresh and seasonal fruits.


If you want to visit one of the finest cuisine restaurants in Colombia, look no further than Matiz in Bogota. It has four unique settings and offers three different menus to ensure that all palates entering the restaurant are satisfied. The décor is sober and classic, and the dining room opens to a beautiful waterfall and an outdoor balcony.

The restaurant’s second story features a lounge with comfortable sofas and the yummiest concoctions with great music to create a moody atmosphere. The chef at Matiz is Nicolas Quintano, and he serves dishes that look as good as they taste. You will live everything here, from the ambiance to the food and cocktails.

Restaurante Itaca

Restaurante Itaca is situated on the outskirts of downtown Medellin, but it creates the most delicious gourmet plates. During lunch, there is a set menu you can choose from. However, in the evening chef Juan Carlos, will tell you what he is offering, and you can choose.

If you are a vegetarian, this restaurant is an ideal choice because it also serves delicious vegetarian food. On the other hand, if you are a meat lover, you have to try their homemade sausages as they are a must. On Sundays, the restaurant does a huge and delicious barbecue outside on the street.

Medellin view


Colombia is a hub for local food for many nearby regions. Fulanitos (in Bogota) offers food from Valle del Cauca, which is a region on the western side of Colombia. The restaurant is run by a local family and is inside a charming colonial house that offers a rustic ambiance.

The most popular dish of this restaurant is the sancocho de gallina, which is a stew made of vegetables such as plantains and yucca, and chicken. You can enjoy your food inside the restaurant or on the beautiful patio. If you sit on the patio, you can enjoy the best views of this historical and colonial neighborhood.

Gringo Mike’s

Are you a homesick traveler in Colombia looking for some American or British food? If you are, then Gringo Mike’s in San Gil is the best option for you as it serves bacon sandwiches, gourmet burgers, breakfast burritos, and much more. The Mexican beef-fillet burrito and the spicy jalapeno burger are a treat to the palate.

There are also vegetarian alternatives when it comes to burgers and salads. Of course, the food is not the only excellent choice here as the cocktails are fantastic too. One thing you should not miss here is the desserts, such as the freshly baked chocolate chip cookie served with ice cream.

Centro Comercial La Galerie

Finally, we have La Galerie in Bogota as one of the top restaurants in Colombia. It offers slow casual food with the practice of food sharing that is similar to Spanish tapas, but the portions are larger. The chef here is Andres Busquets, and he serves the best gourmet dishes.

The dining room has a black and white décor with glass mosaic tables to offer some color. The terrace of the restaurant is perfect for a relaxed atmosphere to enjoy your food. The restaurant also promotes young Colombian artists, which is why you will find art exhibitions here from time to time.

Conclusion best restaurants in Colombia

That was your complete guide on what to do in Colombia as a tourist when it comes to restaurants. These are the top eight restaurants you will fall in love with at first bite. While traveling, don’t forget to check your documents and get the Colombia Pre-Check Mig form to complete your arrival. Once you do, you can enjoy the best restaurants in the country.

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