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Dublin is the capital of Ireland and one of Ireland’s best destinations to visit. A city trip to Dublin is perfect to get to know this surprising city. Dublin is known for its charming streets, historic buildings, live music artists, pubs, and unusual people. All these elements make Dublin a great destination.

There are a lot of things to do in Dublin. In this Dublin 2 day itinerary, you discover what to do in Dublin during a 2 day city trip. You can also read what the best day trips from Dublin are, where you need to stay, the best places to eat, and more Dublin tips. Enjoy your Dublin city trip.

2 days Dublin
Dublin center

Things to do in Dublin?

Dublin is a compact city where many sights are closely located to each other. This makes it a perfect city for a city trip because you can walk through everything. Dublin is best known for its old cathedrals, pubs, live music, and museums. Read below the best activities that you can do when you are in Dublin for 2 days.

Tip: what to do in Dublin in 2 days can be read in this article and map. Below you see the map for all activities, accommodations, eateries, and metro stations. In addition, we have made a map per day, which makes it easier to orientate yourself. Click on the top right corner to enlarge the map. If you click on the star symbol next to the title you can save this map in your Google Maps account. On the map, you can show or hide different categories. You can use these maps to navigate when you are in Dublin.

2 Days in Dublin | day 1

On the first day, you will discover many sights in the historic center of Dublin. Start the day by having breakfast at +/- at 9:00 am. After breakfast, you will walk to Trinity College. The doors are open to the public from 10:00 am.

If you do not have breakfast at the accommodation, you can start the day at Keoghs Café. Here you have several options for breakfast. For example, you can try a typical Irish breakfast (€11.50/$12.50) that includes toasted bread, egg, bacon, sausage, tomato, and pudding. We are huge fans of porridge (€5.50/$6) so defiantly worth trying. It’s a cute little café where you can have a great start to the day. From Keoghs Café it is a 3-minute walk to Trinity College.

#1.1 Trinity college

The Trinity college grounds are a joy to walk around. It is one of the best places to visit in Dublin. Pay attention to the buildings and the details, it is so beautiful! It is also a very nice place to watch people passing by. On one hand, you have people who are in a rush to get on time for their work, students who are late, and the typical tourist who takes pictures of everything.

If you have seen the site you should visit “the book of Kells”. The Book of Kells is considered one of Ireland’s best national treasures. The book takes its name from the Abbey of Kells, where it has been located for centuries. The decoration and illustrations in this book are magnificent.

However, the highlight of your visit isn’t in our opinion the book of Kells itself but the long room. Here are towering bookcases that are truly beautiful. It seems like you are in a scene from Harry Potter.

You must be at the entrance on time because it can be very busy. Sometimes you have to wait in the queue for 1 hour. If you like to visit it with a guide, this is possible, we recommend this tour. The additional advantage of a tour is that you can skip the queues. We visited it without a tour and thought it was fine. Depending on your personal preference, a tour is more suitable.

Dublin Trinity college

#1.2 Historic Center

One of the best things to do when you are 2 days in Dublin is to walk through the historic center of Dublin. When you visit different places spread over the city, you automatically walk through different streets and pass nice places. We have made a short walking route that you can follow because you will visit important places in Dublin and come across nice shops and cozy streets along the way.

After visiting Trinity College, walk to Grafton Street. This is the street in Dublin where you will find well-known brands but also small boutiques. The best part when walking through this street is that artists are performing live music.

Walk from Grafton Street to Ha’penny Bridge to cross the river. This bridge connects the center with all the pubs in the north of Dublin where mainly locals live. In the past people needed to pay one penny to use this bridge, nowadays it is free.

After crossing the river, walk to the General Post Office which used to be Dublin’s post office. When you stand in front of the building you will be impressed because of the size of the building. You can see that the building is inspired by Roman construction. Today a museum is located here. In this museum, you will learn what the city has been through and how it has changed to the city as we know it today. Tickets cost €15 ($16.30) per person and can be purchased on-site.

Your next stop is 14 Henrietta Street, this is one of the most special places to visit. This museum was rewarded as the best museum in Europe in 2020, in this museum you can see how families have lived here for the past 300 years. It offers a unique opportunity to step back in time. During your visit, you will visit all areas with a guide and learn how it was to live in Dublin back then. It is only possible to visit it via a tour. It is not necessary to purchase tickets (€10/$10.90 per person) upfront.

After visiting 14 Henrietta Street, walk to the Guinness Storehouse. This city walk takes about 3 hours. If you like, you can also discover the historic center of Dublin by taking a city walking tour. Check actual prices and availability for a city walking tour here.

Another fun activity is taking a bike tour. The big advantage of a bike tour is that you can visit more places, so you can also visit places that mainly are visited by the locals. Check actual prices and availability for a bike tour here.

Lunch at Bite of Life

After visiting the historic center of Dublin it’s time for lunch before visiting the Guinness Storehouse. Our recommendation is to have lunch at Bite of Life. This is in the direction of Guinness Storehouse, 15 minutes walking distance from Bite of Life. This is about a 30-minute walk.

It is a small restaurant that is cozy. Here you can order sandwiches, toasted bread, and bagels. Also, it is worth trying the coffee, it has a good taste. The best thing about your visit is the staff, they are nice and funny. It’s a pleasant place to eat something and continue exploring Dublin. If you are looking for something where you can have lunch with different courses you better look elsewhere, this place is simple but serves what you need, good food! Lunch here is a lot cheaper compared to most places, if you order two sandwiches with coffee, it will cost you €13 ($14) per person.

Where to stay in Dublin

Option 1 good price: Harcourt Hotel
The location of the Harcourt Hotel is perfect, as you are only a few minutes from the center. The breakfast is very good, you have many choices. Also, the staff is very nice. A special place for a very competitive price!
Check actual prices and availability for Harcourt Hotel here.

Option 2 fully equipped: Clayton Hotel Charlemont
The rooms at Clayton Hotel Charlemont are beautiful, especially the amenities you have are very good. The hotel is only a 5-minute walk from the center. If you are looking for a luxury room with all facilities, close to the center, then this hotel is the place for you to stay.
Check actual prices and availability for Clayton Hotel Charlemont here.

#1.3 Guinness Storehouse

When you are in Dublin, the drink Guinness is worth trying. Also visiting the Guinness Storehouse is fun to visit regardless of whether you like alcohol or not. This museum is located in the former fermentation factory in the Guinness brewery. The building of the museum is impressive because of its industrial architectural style and the fact that it is so huge. During your visit, you will learn how Guinness is made and how this drink became a national drink.

At the end of your visit, you arrive at Gravity Bar where you can try a Guinness for free. Here you can pick a spot and enjoy a panoramic view of the city. Check actual prices and availability for Guinness Storehouse here.

Dublin Guinness Storehouse

#1.4 St. Patrick’s Cathedral & Christ Church Cathedral

After visiting the Guinness Storehouse, it’s a 15-minute walk to St. Patrick’s Cathedral. This cathedral was founded in 1191 and is the largest cathedral in Ireland. When you arrive at the cathedral, two things stand out, firstly the cathedral itself with its unique architectural style, but also the romantic park located next to it. Take a seat on one of the benches in the park and enjoy the view. When you enter the cathedral you will be surprised by its charm. Especially the altar with unique arches is beautiful to see. The opening hours of St. Patrick’s Cathedral are daily from 9:00 am to 5:00 pm.

If you like to visit churches and cathedrals, after visiting St. Patrick’s Cathedral you can also visit Christ Church Cathedral. This cathedral is a 6-minute walk away and, like St Patrick’s Cathedral, it is one of Dublin’s main attractions. The special thing about this cathedral is that it is one of the oldest and largest cathedrals in Ireland and Britain.

Dublin St. Patrick's Cathedral

Dinner at Leo Burdocks Christchurch

After a fun day, it’s time for dinner. You can eat very well in Dublin. A dish you should try is a classic one: fish n’ chips. One of the best places to try this in Dublin is Leo Burdocks Christchurch. This place is so good that they even have a wall of fame showing which celebrities have already visited this place. The place is very small, so after you have received your food we recommend walking to Dubh Linn Garden to eat it on one of the benches.

Dublin fish n 'chips

#1.5 Enjoy a drink in a pub in the evening

The most famous area to go to a pub is the temple bar. However, many locals don’t think this is the best place to experience the real pub feeling. This is because most people (tourists) come here to drink instead of enjoying the Celtic music and atmosphere. We didn’t liked it and quickly went elsewhere.

There are plenty of nice pubs in the area where you can still experience real pub life. During your Dublin city trip, in our opinion, a visit to The Old Storehouse Bar & Restaurant and The Auld Dubliner is worth visiting. Here they play live music and serve good drinks :).

Tip: walk to the temple bar and enter some pubs. When you enter the pub you will immediately notice whether this is a pub that appeals to you or not. We liked The Old Storehouse Bar & Restaurant because this is a bar combined with a restaurant so you can sit relaxed.

Dublin pub

2 Days in Dublin | day 2

The 2nd day is a great day because you are going to hike outside Dublin near the town of Howth. You will also visit the whiskey museum Jameson Irish, the castle, and the city park of Dublin. If you have the opportunity, it is recommended to have breakfast at your accommodation because after dinner you can travel directly to Howth by train. If this is not possible, breakfast at Beanhive Coffee is a good option. From Beanhive Coffee it is a 15-minute walk to the train station Pearse. Make sure you have eaten between 8:00 am and 9:00 am and are ready to start the day.

At Beanhive Coffee you can order various richly filled sandwiches, a typical Irish breakfast, and a vegan breakfast based on beans. It costs between €13 ($14) and €18 ($19.50), which includes a cup of coffee. You can also order a sandwich that you can take with you to eat while hiking in Howth.

#2.1 Hiking in Howth

Just outside Dublin city center 30 minutes away by train is located a small vissers village called Howth. Here you can do the best hike from Dublin called the Howth Cliff Walk. The big advantage is that you can combine when 2 days in Dublin because in the morning you have enough time.

The Howth Cliff walk gives you the chance to see more of Ireland’s interior. What you notice immediately during the hike is that is incredibly green due to the rain. The landscape is also amazing to see because of the hills and the sea. The reason this hike is so popular and loved by travelers and locals is that you can quickly reach a completely different environment from the city center in a short period.

There are several routes to do, each with a different level (distance and difficulty are different). When you arrive in Howth you will see a large map with the walking routes. We recommend doing the green route, this is a complete route in which you see the best parts in a relatively short period. This hike is 12 km and takes about 3 hours walking. If you have more time, it is recommended to do the red route. The routes are marked by signs which are easy to follow.

How to get to Howth from Dublin center: this is easy, in the center you can use the train the northbound Dart. A return ticket costs €6.25 ($6.80) and takes between 25 and 35 minutes, depending on which station you depart from. The stations you can use are Pearse Station, Connolly Station, or Tara Street Station.

If you like to see more of Ireland’s wildlife, a day trip to the Cliffs of Moher is highly recommended. Read more information about this via the link.


Lunch at The Fumbally

After the walk-in Howth, it is nice to take a whiskey tour. We recommend visiting Teeling Whiskey Distillery. After getting off at Dublin Pearse train station you can eat at They Fumbally which is close to Teeling.

The Fumbally is a restaurant that focuses on healthy dishes. The Fumbally is an authentic and unique place, with a relaxed atmosphere. You can enjoy good coffee and treats here, but most importantly are the excellent dishes that you can order for lunch. You can order dishes from different countries. It will cost you approximately between €8 ($8.80) and €14 ($15.20) per person to eat here.

Tip: if you are in Howth during lunchtime you can also eat at Beshoff Bros Howth or Wrights Seafood & Steaks Bar & Restaurant. At Beshoff Bros Howth you can order traditional fish n’ chips. Wrights Seafood & Steaks Bar & Restaurant is a pleasant place to visit when you want to relax for a bit, they have an extensive menu that is mainly fish oriented.

#2.2 Teeling Whiskey Distillery or Jameson Distillery Bow St.

On the first day you visited the Guinness Storehouse and after the hike in Howth is it nice to visit a whiskey museum. The two most popular options are Jameson Distillery Bow St. or Teeling Whiskey Distillery. Both give a different experience and are fun to visit.

The big difference is that Jameson has been giving tours for a longer period and lets you taste more different whiskeys during the tour. Teeling is less popular, so it is not so crowded. The big advantage of Teeling is that they still produce whiskey here. In terms of price, a ticket for Jameson costs €25 ($27) and Teeling €17 ($18). It’s hard to determine which one is better. Our advice is to visit Teeling as they are still in production and it is less crowded. In addition, Teeling has won in the last couple of years Dublin’s best tour experience which shows how good it is. Tickets for Teeling can easily be pre-purchased here.

Dublin whiskey

#2.3 Dublin Castle

After you’ve visited Teeling (or Jameson), you can visit Dublin Castle in the heart of the city. This is a 15-minute walk from both whiskey museums.

Dublin Castle was a Viking castle in the 13th century that later became the headquarters of the English and British. In 1922, with Irish independence, the castle was returned to the Irish. In less than an hour, you have seen the castle from the inside and the outside. It is nice to visit because when you walk through the castle you will be surprised by how beautiful it is. In addition, the big surprise is that there is a museum in the castle, so you can combine art with a unique building. You can buy tickets at the entrance for €8 ($8.70) per person.

Dublin castle

#2.4 Relax in St. Stephen Green

After you visit Dublin Castle, it’s time to relax at St. Stephen Green Park. It is a 10-minute walk from Dublin Castle. This park is located in the heart of the city center and is nice to walk through. When you walk here you will see various historical objects and buildings of Ireland. There is something magical about the park, well worth a visit. Buy a drink on Grafton Street and sit on one of the benches in the park.

#2.5 Evening Walk The Dark Side

Before enjoying the evening, there is one more activity that is fun for a certain group of travelers. You can take a tour called The Dark Side. On this evening tour, you’ll visit some places in Dublin that have dark stories. This tour starts at 5:00 pm and is a great way to close your 2 days in Dublin itinerary because in 2 hours you will see Dublin differently and learn a bit of history that is a bit sinister. These tours are only given on a weekend. Check actual availability for The Dark Side here.

Dinner at The Old Storehouse Bar & Restaurant

On our first evening, we visited The Old Storehouse Bar & Restaurant and found it so pleasant to sit here that we went here again during our 2nd day, but this time also to eat something. You can order simple but great dishes here. We ordered the spicy chicken wings & chips which costs €15 ($16.30). You can end your 2 days in Dublin in tradition here with the drink Guinness.

What else can you do in Dublin?

In addition to the 10 activities that we recommend in this Dublin itinerary 2 days, there are other activities you can do. Of course, you can add parts of the list below to this 2 day itinerary of Dublin, but keep in mind that you don’t add too many items that make the program too intensive.

  • Kilmainham Gaol is a prison and is one of the highlights to visit in Dublin. With the tour, you visit the gardens, and the cells and get to know the history of the prison in 1 hour. It isn’t the most enjoyable place to be, but one that indicates how it was like to live in a cell until 1924. Above all, it is an instructive tour, because the guide tells the history and fun facts in an interesting way. A must if you want to do something different than usual.
  • The Phoenix Park is the largest city park in all of Europe. You can see deer in this park which is great fun. The park has been open for 350 years and is a nice piece of Dublin’s history. You can visit the park on walking or you can rent and bike. A very nice activity is to have a picnic in the afternoon. Be warned because the deer’s are very curious.
  • Do you like to visit castles then Swords Castle is a must. This castle is more than 800 years old and has a rich history. It is very easy to get here, as it is only a 10-minute drive from the center.

Day trips from Dublin

If you have more than 2 days in Dublin, it’s nice to discover more places in Ireland. We recommend the following day trips from Dublin. Read more information about the specific tour via the links.

Cliffs of Moher

Where to stay in Dublin?

Because Dublin is a popular city to visit, it can be difficult to find a suitable place to stay due to the many options. In addition, you should keep in mind that Dublin is not a cheap city to stay in. You pay between €50 and €110 per night for a double room. We stayed at Harcourt Hotel and recommend it. If you want more luxury, Clayton Hotel Charlemont is recommended to stay. Both hotels are located on the same street.

Good price:
Harcourt Hotel

Hourcourt hotel

The location of the Harcourt Hotel is perfect, as you are only a few minutes from the center. The breakfast is very good, you have many choices. Also, the staff is very nice. A special place for a very competitive price!

Fully equipped:
Clayton Hotel Charlemont

Dublin hotel

The rooms at Clayton Hotel Charlemont are beautiful, especially the amenities you have are very good. The hotel is only a 5-minute walk from the center. If you are looking for a luxury room with all facilities, close to the center, then this hotel is the place for you to stay.

Where to eat in Dublin?

In our 2 day itinerary of Dublin, you can read which places we recommend to eat. Below you can see all the recommendations in an overview. At the beginning of the article, you can see on the map where all restaurants can be found.

Day 1Day 2
BreakfastKeoghs CaféBeanhive Coffee
LunchBite of LifeThe Fumbally
DinerLeo Burdocks ChristchurchThe Old Storehouse Bar & Restaurant

Transportation in Dublin

From Dublin airport, you can travel to the city center by bus for €3.30 ($3.60) per person or a taxi +/- €30 ($32).

In Dublin using the bicycle or bus is a good way to travel. You can rent a bike with Dublin Bikes. It is also possible to use the bus to visit different places in Dublin, in this case, we recommended using the Hop-on Hop-off bus.

To travel long distances in and around Dublin the most confident way to use the train is called DART (Dublin Area Rapid Transit). By train, you can easily visit different places along the coast of Ireland from the center of Dublin.

If you want to make a road trip in Ireland, we recommend renting a car through Rentalcars. We use Rentalcars when we want to travel by car to discover new destinations. They’re easy to use and book with.

The best period to visit Dublin

Many attractions in Dublin are indoors, making it great to visit Dublin all year round. The best period to visit Dublin is during the spring to the autumn period from March to November. We do not recommend the winter months of December to February due to the bad weather.

The temperatures in spring, summer, and autumn are the most pleasant. The average temperature in summer is around 17ºC and in spring and autumn around 12ºC.

The only drawback to traveling during the summer is that during this period there are school holidays, so prices are slightly higher compared to other periods.

Summary: Dublin is great for traveling in spring and autumn with the summer being the best in terms of temperature, only it is busier because of the school holiday period.

Is Dublin safe to visit?

Dublin is a safe city to visit. You can travel all over Ireland without any problems. Of course, you have to use your common sense.

During your trip you can have bad luck by, for example, your mobile is stolen or other things. In the evening you should be careful in the area of the Temple Bar. In the evening many pickpockets and drug dealers are active here.

Do you have travel insurance? If not, we recommend that you always have one! You don’t want to travel uninsured and experience an unpleasant situation. This doesn’t only apply in case your mobile is stolen, but also if you break your leg and you have to visit a hospital, for example. In these cases, travel insurance is a must. So be smart and buy travel insurance before you leave for your trip. For our trips, we always use World Nomads and recommend them. You can do this easily by filling in the form below.

Dublin 2 day itinerary FAQ

1. How many days do you need for Dublin?

When you travel to Dublin it is important to determine how many days you need. Dublin is perfect to visit during the weekend because 2 days are enough. As you have read, you can visit the main attractions of Dublin in 2 days.

In our opinion, 1 day Dublin is simply too short, you can get a global picture of the city, but you don’t have enough time to get to know the city well enough.

2. I want to do a day trip to Dublin, what can I do?

If you only have 1 day in Dublin, it is best to follow the day program of day 1 and extend it with a visit to Dublin Castle (activity 2.3) and the city park St. Stephen Green (activity 2.4). Make sure to start the day before 8:30 am to get the most out of your day.

3. Important Citytrip Dublin tips

  • During your Dublin city trip you will be walking a lot, so wear good shoes;
  • Dublin can get busy on weekends due to the weekend tourists, so try to get up early as possible;
  • In Dublin, you can visit many museums and other important ones. To save time, it is recommended to book skip-to-line tickets in advance. In this itinerary for 2 days in Dublin you can read which ticket we recommend for each part;
  • If you are going to visit a lot of museums and other places of interest, buying The Dublin Pass is cheaper than buying individual tickets.

Conclusion why is Dublin the perfect city trip?

The answer is simple, Dublin has a lot to offer. During your stay, you will see beautiful buildings, undertake unforgettable activities, enjoy delicious food and atmospheric evenings where fun music is played and get to know Irish culture. We hope you will enjoy Dublin as we did, Sláinte!

Tip: If you want to read more articles from us, you can find more information on our destination page.

What do you think of Dublin? Share your thoughts in the comments below!

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