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Nice to meet you!

Cool that you want to get to know us better. If you are on this page it probably means that you want to know who these two people behind Travel your Memories are. We are happy to tell you more about ourselves and why we have started Travel your Memories!

We are Cynthia & Alexander: travel bloggers who are looking for adventure, love nature, and prefer to be outdoors every day and do things that give us energy!

We both come from the Netherlands from the province of North Brabant (south of the Netherlands). From an early age, we have both been on holidays a lot. We discovered our current way of traveling with the backpack in 2013 after we had finished our studies. We love to share all the experiences we have gained.

But before Travel your Memories there is a ‘very long story’ :)!

Ben Nevis top

Our story

We met when Cynthia was 16 and Alexander 17 through a friend via MSN (for those who don’t know … a platform where you could talk, haha). We started talking and we have never been separated from that point on.

After 8 years we moved in together and on the very first day, we expanded our family with our best friend: Obito! We adopted him from a shelter. Traveling therefore also has its downside. Namely, missing this friend.

In 2014, after Alexander graduated, he was keen to take his twin brother on a trip to celebrate. Together with a friend, they decided to go to Japan and this was the start of backpacking. When he returned from the trip, he was so enthusiastic about the way of traveling that we went backpacking together in Thailand the following year. After this we made many trips, we were able to do this by saving money every month to be able to finance it.

In 2019 we started Travel your Memories and we are very proud of this to this day. We don’t have a romanticized story where we sold everything and went traveling. We have worked very hard to accomplish this next to our full-time jobs and private life. This with the aim of freedom and being able to do what we are passionate about: traveling. And what could be better than being able to share this with others.

Until today we have our full-time job and Travel your Memories is a hobby that we can hopefully extend to our way of life. We cannot do this without your help.

Anyway, now something about us that you certainly didn’t know :D.




I grew up with two older brothers. Some of my hobbies are gaming, board games, listening to music, and photography.

After I had completed the nursing education I was not completely convinced to start working as a nurse and I chose to follow a higher professional education as a social worker. Due to the divorce of my parents, I had to stop this and ended up in maternity care.

Maternity care was fun because you got satisfaction from your work, only my private life suffered from this. I worked very irregularly, had to be on hold, and all of that under very poor circumstances. I no longer wanted this and then I started learning for the doctor’s assistant. I have completed this and have been working as a doctor’s assistant since 2020. Very nice job, but the gut keeps itching for wanting more :).

Castle of Elvas

Some fun facts about myself

  • I am a big fan of Nintendo, Pokémon and Zelda are my ultimate favorites!
  • I really am someone who loves in-depth conversations, those no-nonsense conversations don’t make me happy.
  • In addition to the travel site, I also manage a website dedicated to baby, maternity, and family photography, called Tiny Treasures By Cynthia.
  • Being creative and losing my thoughts is something I really like to do, going out with the photo camera is one of the things you can always call me for.
  • Reading is one of my favorite hobbies, the books Harry Potter and Lord of the Rings are my favorites.
  • My family is a taekwondo family, this is because my father has his own school so I also started in this and do this still with great pleasure.
Old man of Storr, Isle of Skye



Growing up with my twin brother, I did many fun things. For me, the many trips to Spain were always the highlights of the year. My mother is from Spain. I come from a family that is open-minded and has always forced us to think about the choices we make. The most important thing was always for my parents to give us a childhood where we can happy, they always force us to determine our own path.

After high school, my brother and I started business economics/accountancy together. After 4 years I graduated with a bachelor of economics and I was ready to go to work, but first I wanted to make a trip with my brother to celebrate this, so we went to Japan. After this trip, I immediately started as a Financial consultant.

From day one I really liked this, because I got to know a lot of people, saw a lot of companies and never had to work anywhere for long or at least my tasks were never the same for long. During my first years, I followed a course of 2 years as a business controller. When I finished my studies I had more time and I wanted to start something for myself. After a lot of thinking, I finally came up with this idea: why not turn our passion into our profession? And that’s how we started Travel your Memories.

We both hope there will come a time when we can quit our jobs and take the opportunity to travel the world. We would have liked to do this earlier, but then the Corona pandemic came. We had the plan to travel for six months, but this plan has certainly not died out yet. It’s only resistance!

Some fun facts about myself

  • My biggest hobby is sports. Since I was young, I have been exercising 5 days a week and I’m not used to anything else. The sports I do are football, mountain bike, taekwondo, calisthenics, swimming, running, and yoga. I especially like the variety! I am a recreational athlete, but I always like to ask the most of myself :).
  • In the past, I was a boy who was typically concerned with what others thought of me during my childhood. Above all, I wanted to do it right. I always liked being able to be myself with my friends. Things I really liked doing with them were Warhammer, board games, and gaming.
  • I am very results-oriented and always want to get the best out of it. I always like to improve myself, so I really like books about personal development!
  • I prefer to get up at 5:30 and start exercising immediately.
  • My favorite movie is without a doubt Lord of the Rings, I used to save dolls from this :). Although I also really like the Harry Potter films!
palomino surf lesson
Cloister Évora


Our travel style

It is difficult to briefly explain exactly what our travel style is. The fact is that we don’t necessarily have a travel style.

  • Being active is what we like best. You can also see this in all our articles. A typical beach holiday is not necessarily wrong, but you will not find us there for more than 2 days. We always love to go out of our comfort zone. Great hikes, rafting, zip-linen, and many more.
  • We are real budget/middle-class travelers. We prefer not to spend too much money on accommodations and rather spend them on fun activities.
  • The travel speed on our current trips is typical of couples who want to see as much as possible during their 3 to 4 weeks. We never stuff our schedule only really slow travel is not our cup of tea. We want to see as much as possible, this gives us energy!
  • For our trips, we always book the flight ticket in advance and the first accommodation but apart from this we don’t book anything in advance! We enjoy determining at the moment whether we like something or not. Of course, we orient ourselves at home on global planning.
  • We always find food delicious and especially healthy eating. We are always looking for nice restaurants. Sometimes we get tired of ourselves when we walk 3 times down the same street because we just can’t find our “perfect” place at that moment.
  • We don’t like tourist spots, we prefer to be with the locals. We really hate those tours where you do an activity with a large group of people. In that case, we prefer to stay at home!
  • Discovering other cultures is great. Communicating with people and understanding their view of the world enriches us.
  • The more old-fashioned, the better. the more locals the more unique it is!
  • We are honest, if we don’t like or support something, we will certainly not recommend it!
  • We always take into account that we travel responsibly. We support the local population and do things where the burden on nature and animals is justified. For example, a tour where you sit on your back on an elephant is inhumane to us. We always enjoy volunteering.
Viewpoint of São Leonardo de Galafura
The Two Lairigs hike, Glen Coe

Why do we travel
Actually, the answer to this is very easy: because we really enjoy traveling. However, the question is why we enjoy traveling so much. Traveling allows us to see and discover new things every time. The different countries, places, people, customs and other things make us want to keep seeing more.

By traveling we always realize how privileged we are and how much this world has to offer! We know how it feels to travel without hindrance and enjoy the moment.

What is our purpose
Our goal is to motivate others to pack their bags and to start traveling. We do this by sharing our travel tips to help you get the most out of your trip. After all, this was one of the reasons for us to start Travel your Memories. Our personal goal is to work full time on Travel your Memories.

What do we expect from you?
Nothing at all! We think it is super cool that you are on our site and have read our story. If you want to hear or see from us more often, you can sign up for our newsletter and social platforms. This way you will always stay informed of our latest developments!


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Thanks for all the support and enjoy our content!

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