Paris 3 day itinerary

Amazing Paris 3 day itinerary

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Paris is one of the best cities in Europe to visit. Paris is grand, diverse, special, and unique but above all super fun for every type of traveler. When you love to see art you can’t be happier than when you visit the Louvre to see the Mona Lisa. When you like to visit historic and unique buildings such as Notre Dame or the Eiffel Tower, Paris is the city to visit. Whether you’re going to Paris for the first time or have been a few times before, there’s always something new to discover.

We have visited Paris twice ourselves because there are a lot of things to do in Paris. In this article, we share our Paris 3 day itinerary. Besides the best things you can do in Paris you also read about which area and which accommodations we recommend to stay and which places are nice to eat.

3 day Paris itinerary
Paris 3 day
view of the city Paris

Things to do in Paris in 3 day

Paris is a huge city where you can do a lot. When you have 3 days in Paris you can see the majority of the highlights.

Tip: what to do in Paris in 3 days can be found in this article and map. Below you see the map with all activities. Click on the top right corner to enlarge the map. If you click on the star symbol next to the title you can save this map in your Google Maps account. In the folder, you can show or hide different categories. You can then use this map to navigate when you are at your destination.

Paris 3 day itinerary

The first day is mainly devoted to visiting some of the most important sights of Paris. On this day you will see a lot. We recommend being at the Louvre Museum at 09:00 am when the doors open.

Try to have breakfast at your accommodation or buy something on the way when you travel to the Louvre Museum. When you would like to sit somewhere we recommend L’Amazonial. We had lunch at this place. The breakfast menu looks good with scrambled eggs. It is a 10-minute walk from Louvre Museum.

#1.1 The Louvre Museum

Whether you love to visit museums or not, a visit to the Louvre is a must when you are in Paris. The Louvre is the most visited museum in the world. This is because the Louvre collection is beautiful and also very diverse. The most famous work of art that you can admire is of course the Mona Lisa by Leonardo Da Vinci. In addition to all the works of art, the building itself is also magnificent to see.

A bit of history: the Louvre was a castle in the 1307s and was used as a royal palace by many French kings. Due to the French Revolution, there was no longer a French king and it was decided in 1791 that a museum should be established in the Louvre, making it one of the oldest museums in the world.

The nice thing about visiting the Louvre is that you can see ships from the VOC period, sculptures from the Greek period, mummies from Egypt, and paintings from different periods and countries. Keep in mind that you need 3 to 4 hours to see the highlights. In addition to all the works of art, it is also great to walk through the corridors of the Louvre.

It is important to buy your tickets in advance to avoid queues. You may have to wait for 1 hour. Buy official tickets for the Louvre Museum here.

Louvre Museum

#1.2 Champs-Élysées

Champs-Élysées is the most famous street in Paris, in this wide avenue, you will find the most famous brands. In our opinion, this is the most beautiful part of Paris to walk because you can see lovely buildings, gardens and important historical spots. It is best to start the walk at the Louvre Museum and walk through Jardin des Tuileries to eventually arrive via la Concorde at Arc de Triomphe.

Jardin des Tuileries is the most beautiful park in Paris in our opinion because it is built in an Italian style. You can find several nice places in this park where statues and fountains can be found. Due to the design of the garden and the high plants on the sides, the noise of the city is blocked so that you can enjoy some peace. The best thing is to sit on one of the green chairs and relax for a while.

Jardin des Tuileries

Lunch at Angelina Paris

Angelina is located on Rue de Rivoli and when you step inside it is like stepping back in time. This place has the French allure that comes from the time of Napoleon. We recommend ordering coffee with cake. If you are a big eater you can order a sandwich or buy something after you have visited Angelina.


#1.3 Place de la Concorde

Place de la Concorde is located on the Champs-Élysées and you will visit it for sure when you are in Paris for 3 days. This is a huge square of 8 hectares that was built in 1763. What stands out when you are on the square are the obelisk, the many statues, and the Hôtel des Invalides. In history, this is an important square for the French people because the equestrian statue of Louis XV is removed and in its place, the statue of liberty with a guillotine next to it was placed. Many important leaders of France, such as the king and queen, were beheaded by this guillotine.

In the 19th century, the French government had to redecorate the square and chose to place the obelisk on the site of the king’s assassination and many other murders. This obelisk comes from Luxor and is decorated with impressive hieroglyphs. A fun fact is that the obelisk can also be used as a sundial.

Where to stay in Paris

Budget hotels: Hotel Minerve | Hotel Du Beaumont
Latin Quarter: Hotel Minerve is a 10-minute walk from Notre Dame and is quietly located. Rooms are spacious and it is located 2 minutes walk from a metro station. We stayed at this hotel. Check actual prices and availability for Hotel Minerve here.

Montmartre: Hotel Du Beaumont is authentically decorated and includes a delicious fresh breakfast. Check actual prices and availability for Hotel Du Beaumont here.

Mid-Range hotels: Hôtel Jardin de Cluny | Hôtel des Arts Montmartre
Latin Quarter: Hôtel Jardin de Cluny is a super hip hotel that is beautifully decorated. The breakfast is wonderfully diverse and is without a doubt the best accommodation!
Check actual prices and availability for Hôtel Jardin de Cluny here.

Montmartre: Hôtel des Arts Montmartre is a stylish accommodation where you can feel the artistic vibe. Top aspect is the balcony where you can enjoy the view. You are within 5 minutes walk of one of the nicest squares in Paris, Place du Tertre.
Check actual prices and availability for Hôtel des Arts Montmartre here.

#1.4 Petit Palais

Petit Palais can be found on the Champs-Élysées opposite of the Grand Palais. Petit Palais and Grand Palais are two buildings that are often overlooked because they are on a side street that many pass without knowing. Both buildings are great to see because of their architectural style. Built for the 1889 World’s Fair, the Petit Palais is recommended to visit if you love to see art. Even if you are not a huge fan of art it is still worth a visit. The entrance is free so give it a try.

The big advantage of visiting Petit Palais is that it is a lot quieter than Louvre Museum. Petit Palais is often called the little Louvre Museum because here you can also admire a great collection of art. If you have the opportunity try to take the time to relax at the garden of Petit Palais.

#1.5 Arc de Triomphe

Arc de Triomphe, along with the Eiffel Tower, is one of the most famous buildings to visit in Paris. This triumphal arch is located on Place Charles de Gaulle which is one of the busiest places in the city in terms of traffic. Arc de Triomphe was built in 1806 to celebrate Napoleon’s victory at Austerlitz.

Today the Arc de Triomphe is a monument of the First World War because a tomb was made under the Arc de Triomphe for the unknown soldier who died during the First World War. With a height of almost 50 meters, Arc de Triomphe is the highest triumphal arch in Europe.

If you walk along the Champs-Élysées, you will also arrive at Arc de Triomphe. The Arc de Triomphe stands in the middle of a roundabout and can only be reached by following the footpath that passes under the road. You can only visit Arc de Triomphe if you have a ticket. During your visit, you can walk around and enter the rooftop from where you have a nice view over the Champs-Élysées. Buy tickets for Arc de Triomphe here.

Arc de Triomphe

#1.6 City tour

A fun and relaxing way to discover Paris is by taking a city tour. The advantage of following a tour is that you will discover the most important sights of Paris accompanied by a guide. During the tour, the guide will tell you fun and interesting stories and also teach you about the history of the city which is great.

In Paris, we recommended doing this certified bike tour. The advantage of a bike tour is that you can see more in comparison to a walking tour. The bike paths in Paris are wide, making it easy to cycle through the city. The advantage of our recommended bike tour is that in 3 hours you will also discover several non-touristy sights in Paris in addition to the historic center. Check actual prices and availability for the bike tour here.

Paris city tour

Diner at Frog XVI

Frog XVI is a nice place which is located between the Arc de Triomphe and the Eiffel Tower. This makes it a perfect place to eat something before you visit the Eiffel Tower. You can sit outside or inside. We chose a taco with fries and a burger with fries with homemade lemonade. We recommend eating at Frog XVI because for 2 persons you pay €40 / $40 which is not a lot for Parisian standards. After dinner, you can walk to the Eiffel Tower in 15 minutes.

Paris food

#1.7 Eiffel Tower

Of course, visiting the Eiffel Tower is part of this Paris 3 day itinerary. The Eiffel Tower is the most iconic building in Paris and is one of the most visited buildings in the world aswell. The Eiffel Tower was built on the occasion of the 1889 World’s Fair. You can visit the Eiffel Tower by walking past it, but the best thing is to actually enter it and have a view over the city from different floors.

If you want to visit the Eiffel Tower, it is advisable to purchase tickets in advance to skip the lines. Buy tickets for the Eiffel Tower here. The tickets we recommend are the official tickets where you can use the lift to the highest point. Sometimes there are also cards offered but then you cannot use the elevator, which is not convenient.

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If you have a ticket you can enter the different floors. On the first floor, you are 57 meters above the ground and you can get a good view of the Seine and other nearby buildings. On the second floor, you are at 115 meters in height and it’s in our opinion the best place in terms of view. You can easily overlook the lower buildings and see Notre Dame. It is possible to go to the top to overlook the city at an altitude of 275 meters. This is a great place to view the entire city.

Tip: if you like to enjoy viewpoints, it is also recommended to go to the 56th floor of the Montparnasse Tower. At the top of this building is a terrace from where you have an amazing view view of the city. This roof-top is the highest in Paris and therefore also the best tip to visit for travelers who love to see skylines. You need to have tickets before you go to the building. Buy your tickets for the highest roof-top terrace in Paris here.

Eiffel Tower
Eiffel Tower night

#1.8 Champs de Mars

Champs de Mars is the largest park in Paris that lies between the Eiffel Tower and École Militaire, the military school of Paris. This park is loved by locals and travelers to relax and enjoy their time. The reason we recommend Champs de Mars is not necessarily because of the park itself but because in the evening you see the Eiffel Tower illuminated. This is beautiful to see!

Do you want to book a nice tour?
Check the widget below for the best tours in Paris

Paris 3 day itinerary | day 2

On the second day, you will visit the historical center, and great churches, take a boat tour on the Seine, visit in the north of the city the artistic village, and visit the Catacombs of Paris. On this day you will walk a lot too. We recommend, if possible, to have breakfast at your accommodation. Try to start the day around 09:00 am so that you can start the boat tour at 10:00 am.

If breakfast is not included, you can have a good breakfast at Kozy Bosquet. This place is trendy in a good way where you can have a healthy breakfast, the pancakes and toast with avocado are recommended.

#2.1 Seine

The Seine is the river that runs through the city and is great to do a boat tour to view the unique streetscape of Paris. During the tour, you will pass the Louvre, the Eiffel Tower, and Notre Dame. Even if you visit all these places by walking, it is still nice to do a boat trip because you can enjoy the view in a relaxed way.

There are several boat trips available. We recommend this traditional boat trip because here you sail past the main sights of Paris and this is simply the best route. It is best to purchase tickets in advance so that you are assured of a place and a time that suits you.

What to do in Paris if you want something special and romantic? In this case, you can take an evening boat trip of 2.5 hours. During this trip, you will sail in the evening when everything is lit up along the main sights of Paris and you can enjoy a three-course menu. Check availability for the evening boat trip with dinner here.


#2.2 Musee D’orsay

If you enjoyed the boat tour you can visit Musee D’orsay. Founded in 1986, this museum focuses primarily on Western art between the mid-19th and early 20th centuries. We did not visit the museum itself because we found visiting the Louvre sufficient. But if you love art this museum is recommended to visit because it has art pieces of the greatest European artists. We recommended purchasing tickets in advance. You can do this easily via this link.

Lunch or coffee at Brasserie Les Deux Palais

After you have visited Musee D’orsay (or the boat tour) you can have lunch or coffee at Brasserie Les Deux Palais. Brasserie Les Deux Palais is recommended to visit because this is a traditional French Brasserie. If you are hungry, you can also order a sandwich at Musee D’orsay and then have a coffee at the Brasserie. When you want to have lunch at the brasserie you can order different traditional French dishes. We recommend only ordering coffee because prices are high and it is better to buy a sandwich on the way and only drink coffee here. Also, on this day you need to visit a lot of sights so do not lose too much time having lunch.

Brasserie Les Deux Palais

#2.3 Île de la Cité

Île de la Cité is an island in Paris that is the oldest part of Paris. This is the most beautiful part and is also called the historic center of Paris. Île de la Cité is fun to walk through due to the fact that on every street you will be amazed by the buildings. The island is surrounded by the River Seine through which you can see many ancient bridges. Important sights such as Notre Dame, Sainte Chapelle, and Conciergerie can also be found here. Pont Neuf is also recommended to visit because from this bridge you have a great view of Paris.

In addition to walking through the island, it is also nice to walk around in the evening when the street lights are on. It is romantic and cozy.

Île de la Cité

#2.4 Sainte Chapelle

Sainte Chapelle, together with Conciergerie, are the remains of the old palace of Paris. The palace of justice is the replacement of the palace. Sainte Chapelle was built in the 13th century to preserve important relics. Visiting Sainte Chapelle is skipped by many travelers because they often only visit the popular sights of Paris. Sainte Chapelle is worth a visit, here you can see perhaps the most beautiful glass and lead work in the world.

Sainte Chapelle consists of two floors. On the bottom floor, you will find the crypt which is okay to visit but the reason to visit Sainte Chapelle is because of the upper chapel with a huge stained glass window depicting the Bible story. When you enter you will be surprised by the beauty and all the light.

You can only visit Sainte Chapelle if you have a ticket, you cannot buy it on-site. Buy your tickets for Sainte Chapelle here.

Sainte Chapelle
Paris 3 days

#2.5 Conciergerie

If you like visiting historic buildings, then visiting a Conciergerie is something for you. Conciergerie is one of the oldest buildings in Paris and is located on the island of Île de la Cité. Conciergerie used to belong to the old palace, just like Sainte Chapelle. Today a large part is used by the Palace of Justice. The spaces that you can still visit are the large corridors and a few halls. You can see the building along the river when you walk on Île de la Cité and cross the bridge Pont au Change. For us it was not necessary to visit it inside but if you want you can buy tickets at the official site of the Conciergerie.


#2.6 Notre Dame

We visited Notre Dame twice, before the fire in 2019 and in 2022 when they were well underway with the restoration of the damage caused by the fire. Built-in the 12th century, Notre Dame is a great example of a Gothic-style building. The best part is the inside of the cathedral because the designers have managed to play with the light to make the space seem bigger than it actually is. The best part is the glass and lead works, especially the windows at the altar are incredible to see.

As you stand in front of Notre Dame, you look out at two towers that you can climb to the top. The nice thing is that when you sit on the benches in front of the cathedral it feels like you are in a small village due to the surrounding buildings.

Unfortunately, it is not yet possible to visit the inside of Notre Dame. This is planned to be possible from April 2024. Even though you cannot visit Notre Dame, it is still worth visiting to see the cathedral from the outside.

Notre Dame
Notre Dame music

#2.7 Ile Saint-Louis

If you have visited Île de la Cité you can reach the island of Ile Saint-Louis via Pont Saint-Louis. Unlike the well-known Île de la Cité, Ile Saint-Louis is much less visited by tourists which makes it more fun to walk through. This island also has many bridges, only it has no iconic sights. It does have a church called Église Saint-Louis-en-l’Île which is one of the oldest churches in Paris. Here you can enjoy a part of Paris without many others.

Île de la Cité

#2.8 Catacombs of Paris

In the 18th century, the city was overcrowded and due to the large death rate there was no more space at the cemeteries in Paris, so Price’s catacombs were created. This is a place underground with many corridors where 6 million dead Parisians lie. These corridors used to be quarries where, for example, the Louvre and Notre Dame were built from its material.

It is unique to walk through the tunnel system that lies underground and to think that the metropolis of Paris is above you. During your visit, you will see various halls, spaces, and corridors that are filled with tombs and impressive sculptures. The catacombs are worth a visit because it is unique to find catacombs of this size in a metropolis of this size. It is worth a visit as you learn more about Paris and it is just fascinating to see it. Buy tickets for the catacombs in advance here.

#2.9 Sacré-Coeur

Just outside the center on the hill is one of the most beautiful buildings in Paris: Sacré-Coeur. This is a basilica that was built in the 19th century. The Sacré-Coeur was built in memory of victims of the Franco-Prussian War of the 19th century. What is special is that the basilica is dedicated to the sacred heart of Christ, a symbol of love, and not to Mary, which was customary during this period.

The best thing about your visit is that Sacré-Coeur is located on a hill, which gives you a panoramic view of the city from the top. You can visit the basilica daily for free and it is worth it because it is huge inside, especially the pillars and the enormous space are impressive. With these kinds of buildings, you always ask yourself how people were able to build this with horse and carriage at the time. Finally, it is nice to find a place by the stairs and enjoy the artists that are performing and enjoying the view.

How to get to Sacré-Coeur: use line 2 of the metro and get off at Anvers. You can also use line 12 and get off at Abbesses. From both stations, it is a 7-minute walk to the entrance of the Sacré-Coeur.


#2.10 Montmartre

Montmartre is the neighborhood around the Sacré-Coeur that is the most artistic district of Paris, where you will find many artists. After you’ve visited Sacré-Coeur, it’s nice to walk around the neighborhood and visit the different shops and studios. When asking yourself ‘what should I defiantly visit in this Paris 3 day itinerary, it is visiting Place du Tertre. This square used to be the town square of the village of Montmartre which used to be the place for artists to make some money. In the past it was very difficult to do this, nowadays this is a popular place where people from all over the world come to see French artists at work. If you are looking for a unique gift or souvenir, this is the best place to visit.

Tip: go as early or late in the day to avoid large crowds. If you want to have yourself painted, it is best to choose a painter who is not pushy but takes the time for you.

Montmartre painting

Diner at Bouillon Pigalle

Located in Montmartre, Bouillon Pigalle is the nicest food spot to visit in our opinion. Here you can eat French dishes in the evening for a reasonable price. You can sit comfortably here and the service is excellent. The soup and fish dishes are a must-try.

Below sights the Panthéon, and Opéra Garnier are optional. You can visit this if you have more time or you can switch it with another activity.

#2.11 Panthéon

The Panthéon is located in the south of Paris and is one of the most impressive buildings to be found in Paris. Built-in the 19th century, the Panthéon was initially a church but was later converted into a tomb. You can climb the dome and have from the top a great view of the south of Paris which is mainly the reason to visit it. When you are inside you look at beautiful paintings and large columns that make you silent. It is not necessary to purchase tickets in advance, you can do this on the spot.

#2.12 Opéra Garnier

Opéra Garnier is a 15-minute walk from Place de la Concorde and is worth a visit as you can see one of the most important opera houses in the world. You can also visit the building without seeing a performance. Often you have buildings that you visit from the outside where you don’t necessarily have to go inside, Opéra Garnier is a building that you really have to see from the inside. The beautiful halls of gold and marble make it worth a visit. Buy tickets for Opéra Garnier here.

Paris 3 day itinerary | day 3

On the last day of this Paris 3 day itinerary, you can do a day trip by visiting Disneyland Paris or the Palace of Versailles. We are huge fans of Disney so we visited Disneyland Paris a couple of times and love it. When you travel with children or you are also a huge fan of Disney it is recommended to visit Disney. If you want to know more about the Sun King of France Versailles its recommended to visit the Palace of Versailles.

Try to have breakfast at your accommodation, if you look for a place to have breakfast we recommend eating something at L’Amazonial like the first day because it is closely located at train station Chatelet Les Halles.

For lunch and dinner, you can have it at Disneyland or Versailles. When you are back on time you can also eat something at Café El Sur which is an Argentinian restaurant where you can try good dishes from Latin America.

#3.1 Disneyland Paris

If you are a Disney fan, a visit to Disneyland Paris is definitely something for you. It is great to alternate a Paris city trip with a visit to Disneyland. We liked this but understand that most likely you do not have 6 days. It is not necessary to go to Disneyland for 3 days, but 1 day is definitely worth it.

Whether you’re traveling as a family or as a couple, Disney is fun for everyone. The special thing about Disney is that when you enter you step into another world where everything is aimed at making people and the child in us happy.

Disneyland is not in Paris itself but just outside it. You can take the RER A train to Marne-la-Vallée—Chessy, this is the stop at Disneyland. The train takes about 35 minutes and you can take the train at various places in the city. We recommend leaving at Chatelet Les Halles because this is close to our recommended accommodations.

To visit Disneyland Paris you need tickets in advance, you can not buy them on site. You can easily book tickets via GetYourGuide here, the booking process is easy and you can select your favorite options.

Walt Disney Paris

#3.2 The Palace of Versailles

Versailles is 45 minutes from Paris and is the most visited building in France. The Palace of Versailles is one of the largest castles in the world. The castle was built in 1624 and was also called the Sun King by Louis the Great. A fun fact is that Louis the Great called himself the Sun King because he played the role of the sun in ballet performances and he saw Versailles as the epic center of Europe. He, therefore, wanted to spread power from Versailles like rays of the sun.

When you visit the Palace of Versailles you will be amazed by its size and impressive details. During your visit, you can discover the castle and its gardens. The rooms are special especially the king’s bedroom. Here you see people from the court depicted who revolve like wares around the central point of the sun, which is a symbol of Louis the Great.

Please note that it will take you approximately 6 hours to see the palace and gardens. It is important to purchase tickets in advance, as lines can be extremely long. It can sometimes happen that you have to wait longer than 1 hour.

You can visit the palace in different ways, read below and click on the link for more information:

  • Independent: you only need a ticket for access. You can determine your schedule which is nice;
  • Tour on location: you can take a tour of around 2 hours where you learn everything about the palace;
  • Tour from Paris: recommended if you do not want to arrange everything yourself.

Again: it is important to have tickets in advance, so purchase them via one of the links above.

How to get to the Palace of Versailles from Paris: There are two options, both of which take about 45 minutes by train. If you are staying in the north of Paris you must use line L from Saint Lazare stop until the Versailles Rive Droite stop. If you are staying in the center/south, it is best to take line N from the Montparnasse stop to Versailles Rive Gauche.

Day trip from Paris

#4.1 Day Trip Mont Saint Michel

This tip and the next tip are two-day trips you can consider doing while in Paris if you have more time. A nice day trip is to visit the medieval castle, Mont Saint Michel. Located off the coast of Normandy, this castle is great because you can only visit it at high tide. The castle is listed by UNESCO and has played an important role in the history of the abbey of the region. Read more information about a day trip to Mont Saint Michel here.

#4.2 D-Day Normandy Day Trip

If you are interested in the history of the Second World War, a visit to the beaches of Normandy where the Allies arrived to liberate Europe from the Nazis is a must. During this day you will learn a lot about the Second World War and you can imagine how the Normandy attack was done at the time. It is a day that impressed us, especially when you see the graves. Read more information about a D-day Normandy day trip here.

How many days do you need for Paris?

Paris is a metropolis, so you need at least 3 full days (4 nights) to see the main sights. When you have 3 days in Paris you can discover the city at a relaxed pace. With 3 days you off course can do the most activities from this 3 day itinerary of Paris.

Where to stay in Paris?

We recommend staying at the district Montmartre or south at the Latin Quarter where the Panthéon is located. The nice thing about staying in the Montmartre district is that this used to be a village, so you sometimes still feel like you’re walking through a village. This neighborhood is very artistic which makes it a nice place to stay. You can also find budget-friendly accommodations here.

The Latin Quarter is awesome to stay in because this neighborhood is not visited by a lot of tourists, so you stay here among the locals. As a result, you can still find budget-friendly accommodations here.

Below you can read our 4 recommended accommodations categorized by type of budget. Don’t be scared, but budget accommodations in Paris are around €150 / $150, and if you want something more luxurious you will quickly pay €200 / $200 per night.

It is important to book your stay in Paris months in advance, as the good value-for-money accommodations fill up quickly.

Budget hotels
Hotel Minerve | Hotel Du Beaumont

Hotel Minerve

Latin Quarter: Hotel Minerve is a 10-minute walk from Notre Dame and is quietly located. Rooms are spacious and it is located 2 minutes walk from a metro station. We stayed at this hotel.

Montmartre: Hotel Du Beaumont is authentically decorated and includes a delicious fresh breakfast.

Mid-Range hotels
Hôtel Jardin de Cluny | Hôtel des Arts Montmartre

Hôtel Jardin de Cluny

Latin Quarter: Hôtel Jardin de Cluny is a super hip hotel that is beautifully decorated. The breakfast is wonderfully diverse and is without a doubt the best accommodation!

Montmartre: Hôtel des Arts Montmartre is a stylish accommodation where you can feel the artistic vibe. The top aspect is the balcony where you can enjoy the view. You are within 5 minutes walk of one of the nicest squares in Paris, Place du Tertre.

Where to eat well in Paris?

In Paris there are a lot of choices, you can do it as basic or extensive as you want. It can be difficult to find something in Paris as prices vary quite a bit. For a simple dish, you pay an average of €15 / $15 and if you want a more extensive dinner you will quickly exceed €25 / $25. We recommend the following places to eat because they are great and not too expensive.

For breakfast, we recommend eating at the hotel. For lunch, we recommend L’Amazonial, The Hardware Société, Le Comptoire Général and Big Love Caffe Paris. For dinner, the places are Café El Sur, Frog XVI, and Bouillon Pigalle. Use the map of Paris at the beginning of this article so you can see where all the places can be found.

Ma Bourgogne is a nice place to start your day, you can have breakfast here at Place des Vosges which is a beautiful square. Angelina is located on Rue de Rivoli and when you step inside it is like stepping back in time. This place has the French allure that comes from the time of Napoleon. It is recommended to order a coffee with cake here. Breakfast in America is, as the name suggests, the place to be if you want to have a typical American breakfast such as pancakes. Finally, Kozy Bosquet is a nice trendy place where you can have a healthy breakfast for a good price, the pancakes and toast with avocado are recommended.

L’Amazonial is a cozy French bistro where you can order delicious salmon. The Hardware Société is a nice place for families because of the terrace and the different sandwiches you can order here. Unknown to many, Le Comptoire Général is a place where African food meets French cuisine. Big Love Caffe Paris is fun because it feels like you’re going back to the 50’s here because of the decor. You can order delicious Italian pancakes. Brasserie Les Deux Palais is recommended to order a coffee, this is a traditional French Brasserie.

Café El Sur is an Argentinian restaurant where you can try good dishes from Latin America. Frog XVI is a nice place to tacos and hamburgers. Bouillon Pigalle is the place to visit if you want to eat French in the evening for a reasonable price. The soups and fish dishes are a must-try.

Ma BourgogneBreakfastFrance€€
Breakfast in AmericaBreakfastAmerican
Kozy BosquetBreakfastEuropean€€
Brasserie Les Deux PalaisCoffeeFrance€€
The Hardware SociétéLunchEuropean
Le Comptoire GénéralLunchAfrican/France€€
Big Love Caffe ParisLunchEuropean€€
Café El SurDinerArgita€€
Frog XVIDinerWorld
Bouillon PigalleDinerFrance

Transportation in Paris

In our opinion, the best way to visit the various places of Paris is by walking. The advantage is that you see the most at your own pace. If you have to bridge large distances, it is best to use the metro or the bus.

The metro is the best and easiest way to travel within the city. There are sixteen city lines and five RER lines through the city, these are the lines to, for example, the airport and Disneyland Paris. To use the metro you have to buy a Navigo pass, which you can top up with a balance. You can buy a Navigo pass from a machine at a station.

If you want to use the bus, it is best to use hop-on hop-off buses. These buses visit the main sights of Paris. You can get on and off as many times as you want during the day. Buy tickets for the hop-on hop-off buses here.

Cycling during a bike tour we recommend because you cycle with a guide who knows which routes are easy and safe. We do not recommend renting a bicycle independently, as this can be dangerous during busy stretches.

Paris street view
Walking in Paris

Travel insurance

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How do you get to Paris?

Paris is easily accessible by plane, train, or bus. From surrounding European countries it is best to use the train. For the train, it is best to use the high-speed train Thalys. if you want to travel by bus you can use Purchase bookaway tickets.

If you want to visit Paris by plane, you can buy tickets via Skyscanner, we always find this a useful site to find cheap flights. When you arrive at the airport you can take the train from Charles de Gaulle station to the station where your accommodation is located. Travel time is on average 35 minutes and costs +/- €10 / $10.

If you travel to Paris by plane and you are looking for a car to rent, you can rent it through Rentalcars. We use Rentalcars when we want to travel by car to discover new destinations. They’re easy to use and book with.

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When is the best period to visit Paris?

Paris is a city that can be visited all year round. Each period has its charm, of course depending on your personal preferences, each period has its advantages. In our opinion, the best period for a Paris city trip is spring and autumn during April, May, June, September, and October. During these months the sun shines pleasantly, but it does not get extremely hot. Summer is nice, the weather is most days nice but it can sometimes be a bit too hot during July and August.

The winter period December, January, February, and March are the least favorite months due to cold temperatures. The advantage of the winter period is that prices are lower and it is a lot quieter. This period is also the most atmospheric with all the lights in the city.

Paris 3 day itinerary FAQ

How much does it cost to travel 3 days to Paris?

If you are like us, you stay for 3 days in Paris, you can assume that a budget traveler will spend €420 / $420, a mid-range traveler €760 / $760, and as a luxury traveler €1235/ $1235. This means that a budget traveler spends €105 / $105 per day, a middle-class traveler €220 / $220 per day, and a luxury traveler €345 / $345 per day.

We are middle-class travelers and spent +/- €760 / $760 for a city trip to Paris. We spent €100 / $100 a day accommodation, €60 / $60 food, €10 / $10 transport, €50 / $50 activities and €100 / $100 in travel costs.

The overview below makes it easy to see how much you spend per type of traveler on which cost category. Below the overview, you can read how you can save on a category.

CategoriesBudget travelerMiddle-class travelerLuxury traveler
Accommodation*€75 / $75€100 / $100€125 / $125
Food€30 / $30€60 / $60€100 / $100
Transport€5 / $5€10 / $10€20 / $20
Activities€25 / $25€50 / $50€100 / $100
Total per person per day€130 / $130€220 / $220€345 / $345
Transport to Paris€30 / $30€100 / $100€200 / $200
Total budget based on 3 days€420 / $420€760 / $760€1235 / $1235
*Amounts are based on a double room

It is possible to save on the categories below, read below our budget tips for Paris:

  • Accommodation: it is best to book an accommodation as far as possible, for Paris, this sometimes means months in advance. This gives you the most choices. See our recommended accommodations to help.
  • Food: to save costs you can buy drinks and food in the supermarket. You can also choose an accommodation with breakfast so you do not have to buy food in the morning.
  • Transport: try to walk as much as possible so that you do not have to use public transport.
  • Activities: in theory, you can spend €0 / $0 in Paris on activities by doing nothing and only seeing the sights from the outside but we strongly disagree with this kind of advice. Try to cut back on activities as little as possible, after all, you are in Paris to do things.

Want to do more city trips in Europe?

We hope our article helped you get the most out of Paris and that it is clear to you what you can do when you are traveling for 3 days in Paris.

If you now want to do other city trips in Europe, we recommend checking our other articles for example the citytrips to Barcelona, ​​Rome, and Munich. Barcelona is the second largest city in Spain after Madrid and is awesome to visit because of the Sagrada Familia and other works of art by Gaudi. Rome is the city of Europe where you feel like you are walking in an open-air museum, around every corner of the street is an impressive building dating from the Roman or other period. Many travelers visit Berlin but we advise you to visit Munich because there are still many authentic buildings and you can learn a lot about German beer culture.

What do you think of our Paris 3 day itinerary? Share your thoughts in the comments below!

Disclaimer: the prices mentioned in this article may differ from the current situation. We regularly update our articles. Would you like to help us to provide to best possible insights to help other travelers leave a comment with the latest information. Thanks!

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