Best 4 things to do in Santa Marta Colombia

Santa Marta and Taganga are old fishing villages which are suitable places to undertake activities and transport yourself to other destinations. Santa Marta Colombia is a nice place to experience the daily life of Colombians on the coast. So you can sit back with your cocktail and enjoy the spectacle of fishermen working all day to bring in their catch in the evening. In the evening you can enjoy the sunset on a rooftop bar and discover the nightlife. Curious? Then read our tips about things to do in Santa Marta Colombia to make a stay in Santa Marta or Taganga successful. You also read how you get from Cartagena to Santa Marta and which places we recommend to stay.

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What kind of things to do in Santa Marta Colombia?

Despite the fact that Santa Marta and Taganga are often used as transit destinations, these two places do have something to offer. We have written down which fun activities you can do in Santa Marta Colombia and Taganga. We recommend to stay not to long in Santa Marta Colombia or Tanganga because in our opinion both places are nice places to visit but other places in Colombia are even greater! Read the 4 things to do in Santa Marta.

#1 Spend an afternoon snorkeling and watch fishermen work

From Taganga / Santa Marta Colombia you can book a snorkel excursion from your accommodation. The excursion includes transportation and the snorkeling activity itself takes about half an hour. The water conditions are fine but certainly not great. If you are used to snorkeling subtropically, this snorkeling excursion is disappointing. If you don’t have a frame of reference it’s a fun activity, otherwise you should skip it to avoid disappointment. After snorkeling you will be taken to one of the nearby beaches of your choice. We chose a deserted beach with only a few fisherman’s. This is nice, because you can see in peace how they practice their profession.

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#2 Go out in the evening and pool with the locals

Taganga and Santa Marta are nice destinations to go out and have a drink somewhere. On the main road between Taganga and Santa Marta Colombia are a number of accommodations with rooftop bars from which you can see a beautiful sunset. If you enjoy playing pool, don’t miss a pool center. The locals receive you with open arms, because they like to play a game against a tourist.

#3 Get your dive certificate

Taganga and Santa Marta Colombia are one of the cheapest places to get your diving certificate. The certified diving schools are well regarded here. The diving schools provide you with transportation to Tayrona National Park where the diving lessons are provided at the islands of the national park. For more information check at Santa Marta Dive and Adventure and at Taganga visit Poseidon Dive Center.

#4 Challenge yourself to walk Ciudad Perdida

In Peru they have Machu Picchu in Colombia they have Ciudad Perdida. As the name implies, it is a city that is lost in the middle of the jungle of Sierra Nervada. Unfortunately we were unable to do this, due to time constraints and bales to this day. We have heard incredibly good stories about this and definitely recommend it. Unfortunately we can not share a personal experience, if you are interested then booking with Viator is a good option. We always book such excursions am Viator and are very happy with it. Book your excursion via this link.

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How do you get in Santa Marta? Cartagena to Santa Marta.

Both places are easy to reach, so you can take a flight or (night) bus from the south of the country. From Cartagena to Santa Marta you can take a flight or use a bus company, for example MarSol. Reservation with MarSol is necessary to guarantee a place. The Tayrona national park, Minca and Palomino are places that can all be reached within 1 hour by local bus.

Santa Marta Colombia Hotels, where to stay?

Santa Marta has a number of super accommodations where you can completely relax. The best accommodation in our opinion is Del Mar Hotel, this hotel scores with an 9 excellent. The hotel has an excellent location, as it is a three-minute walk from the beach and other attractions. If you want to stay in the historic center, Hotel Boutique Maree is a must. The hotel has a beautiful swimming pool where you can relax. If you want to stay in Taganga then Casa Relax is a must, this is ideal for people looking for a stay where only adults can stay.

Del Mar

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Price per night from:
€ 36 double room

Boutique Maree

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Price per night from:
€ 44 double room

Casa Relax

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Price per night from:
€ 32 double room

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