Best 3 tips for travel by bus in Mexico

Travel by bus in Mexico is a very good way to get from A to B. The quality of public transport in Mexico is very good. The infrastructure of Mexico is very good, travel by bus in Mexico is very comfortable, it is anything but disappointing. In ADO buses, toilets are on board, movies are played, everything is very clean, it has air conditioning and the seats are very pleasant. The bus stations are very neat and the buses run on time. Everything at the bus stations is well signposted, staff generally speak excellent English. Your name will be announced on departure and your ticket will be checked. To be fully prepare yourself to travel by bys in Mexico we have 3 tips for you.


Check the bus connections

If you have determined your route and have chosen to travel by bus through Mexico, it is wise to check whether there is a good bus connection for all places you want to visit. Our itinerary has good bus connections so you don’t have to check this. If you have added a destination to our itinerary, you will of course want to know how long it will take to travel. You can easily check this via the ADO website.

Reserve your tickets

If you have a tight schedule it is important to reserve your bus tickets. If you don’t do this, you run the risk that a bus is fully booked. If you are lucky you can take a bus later, but if you are unlucky you can only travel the next day. So important for those who have an tight schedule, reserve your bus tickets upfront via the ADO app.

The ADO app is entirely in Spanish, but making a reservation is not too difficult. Perform the following steps to successfully reserve a ticket:

  1. Choose a start and end destination;
  2. Choose a date and time;
  3. Enter your name and choose a seat;
  4. Now you see the indication how you should pay, choose “pago and tequilla”. This means that you collect/pay for your ticket at the counter.
  5. Receive your reservation confirmation on the app, which you will show when you collect your ticket.

Tip: be on time to collect your reserved ticket. You must have collected your ticket 2 hours before departure or it will expire. It is wise that you get your ticket the moment you are at an ADO bus station to avoid stress.

What to do in your hand luggage

Be well prepared and put clothes that can keep you warm in your hand luggage. due to the air conditioning, the temperature in the bus is very low. It is very annoying if you have to sit on the bus for a few hours while you are cold. Also bring a pair of socks if you wear slippers. It is important that you put your valuable items in your hand luggage, because the rest of your luggage goes into the hold. You have no control over this so if something happens with it, you will at least have your most important things with you. You probably already know this alone but we think it is neither that important to mention.

Travel by bus in Mexico: which route?

We have created an itinerary through Mexico that you can easily travel by public transport. in our article ideal Mexico itinerary you can read all the information about all the places we have visited during our trip. For each destination we indicate what you can do there, we give you tips and we share our favorite sleeping places tailored to different budgets.

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