5 awesome tips for Palomino Colombia

Palomino in Colombia is a small village on the Caribbean coast that still has a laid-back atmosphere. Traveling through Colombia can cost a lot of energy and Palomino Colombia is the perfect place to relax and enjoy the Caribbean coast. During the day you can enjoy white beaches or go tubing in the jungle of Sierra Nevada. In the evening you have good eateries with mostly live music. Palomino has something to offer for everyone and should therefore not be missing from your program. Are you curious about the things you can do in Palomino? Read this travel guide to know everything.

Tip: bring enough cash with you, because in Palomino you cannot pay with a debit card and you cannot pay with your credit card at any place.

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palomino sunrise

Things to do in Palomino?

We stayed in Palomino for a total of 6 days and are very fond of this place. This has enabled us to write down some great tips. Enjoy reading about the best things to do in Palomino!

#1 Tubing and enjoy the wildlife

Tubing is a fun activity to do in Palomino. Tubing is very simple. You lie down in an inflated inner tube of a tractor and let yourself go with the flow of water. Tubing can be arranged at many locations at Palomino in Colombia. There are three options:

  • 2-hour excursion with few rapids | 60,000 pesos ($17 per person)
  • 4-hour excursion with some rapids | 80,000 pesos ($24 per person)
  • 6-hour excursion with many rapids and a visit to an indigenous village in the jungle of Sierra Nevada | 100,000 pesos ($30 per person)

If you are interested in the living conditions of the original population, it is recommended to go for the 3rd option.

Tip: go as early as possible, around 7 to 8 o’clock, because you have the best chance of seeing different types of monkeys. Also, the sun is not so strong in the morning, which is very pleasant if you float on the water for a few hours under the direct sun. Do not forget to bring enough water and your sun protection.

#2 Enjoy the sunset from the beach

The sunset from Palomino beach is amazing. You do not see the sun going down from Palomino in Colombia, but you do see the beautiful coloring sky. Bring a drink and enjoy the view. The rough waves in the background and the relaxed music made by locals ensure that you can completely relax. You will certainly not forget this moment!

palomino sunset

#3 Go surfing

If you want to do something active, you can take a surf lesson. The surfing conditions are good because the waves are rough and there are some places where few people swim. This means you don’t have to pay constant attention to other people. A surf lesson costs about 70,000 to 90,000 pesos ($20 – $26 per person)

palomino surfing
palomino surf lesson

#4 Enjoy the wonderful restaurants

Palomino in Colombia is a small village, although it has a lot of good restaurants. The quality and price ratio are extremely good here. If you like fish, go to 7elmar. At Bitacora you can eat the best, but don’t sit here when it is busy, because it can take a long time before the food is served. Also, the pizzeria opposite Bitacora is recommended.

#5 Spend the night at the beach

If you want to stay right on the beach, Palomino is a suitable place for this, because it is still affordable compared to many other places. You can also choose to stay “simply” in the village itself, which is economically more advantageous. The advantage of Palomino in Colombia is that you have several top locations for not too much money.

Where to stay in Palomino?

If you want to stay on the beach, we recommend Makao. Here you can stay in a beautiful luxury room right on the beach. If Makao is above your budget but you still want to stay close to the beach, Villa Eden is a must. If you want to stay in the village then Casa Colibri is a must. This is a top stay because you stay in the middle of the village with all the restaurants nearby. Also, the walk to the village is not super long. We stayed at Casa Colibri and we liked it! when we wanted to reserve something in Palomino, we, unfortunately, had few choices. It is therefore recommended to reserve your spot on time. The advantage of Booking.com is that you can adjust your reservation 24 hours in advance if your plans change during your trip.


Palomino v1

Price per night from:
$ 59 double room

Villa Eden

Palomino v3 2

Price per night from:
$ 29 double room

Casa Colibri

Palomino v2

Price per night from:
$ 27 double room

Next destination

After you enjoyed Palomino in Colombia you can travel to your next destination. If you follow our Colombia itinerary your next destination is Minca. Read our travel guide for Minca via this link. Other places where you also can travel to are Tayrona National Park, Santa Marta, and even Cartagena and San Gil.

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5 awesome tips for Palomino Colombia5 awesome tips for Palomino Colombia5 awesome tips for Palomino Colombia


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