Road trip Mexico? #1 Best tips for renting a car in Mexico

Road trip Mexico on your bucket list? In the south of Mexico you can make a great road trip. Traveling by public transport is extremely good in Mexico, however if you want a more luxurious option that gives you more freedom then a road trip through Mexico is something for you. In this article you will read all the information you need to know for renting a car in Mexico.



How is the infrastructure in Mexico?

The infrastructure in Mexico is very good. You can compare it a bit with America. The roads are all well paved, large sections straight ahead and there aren’t a lot of other users on the road. There are places where it is a bit busier, such as Cancun and Tulum, but it is still easy to drive here.

 Road trip Mexico: is it safe to drive in Mexico?

Yes, driving in Mexico in the Yucatán province is safe. The roads are very good and not crowded as mentioned above, so it is not dangerous to drive here. Of course, you should use your common sense and not drive in the evening or at night, for example, because the roads are less illuminated and traffic situations are less likely to estimate. We also recommend that you never leave valuable items in the car when you park the car somewhere. Normally, the insurance does not comply with any compensation in such situations.

Traffic rules in Mexico

Traffic rules in Mexico are very simple. You drive on the right and you overtake on the left. You can drive 50 km per hour in the city and 100 km per hour on the highway. You can drive 20 km per hour near schools, hospitals and other public buildings.


Is an international driving license required?

No you do not need an international driving license. This is not necessary for America, Spain and the Netherlands. If you have another nationality, it is wise to check whether you need an international driving license.

Navigate during your road trip

Navigating to arrive at your destination is very easy. You can do this in free via your phone by using google maps or With google maps you can download the route when you have WIFI and use it when you leave. If you have a SIM card, you can of course use the internet. At you need to download the map in advance and you can download it offline. If you use check the route of google maps in advance, because this shows always the fastest way. When renting a car you have the option to rent a car with navigation options. By making use of google maps and this is not necessary.

We have made a travel route from Mexico that you can use as a road trip. This article contains all the information about all the places we have visited.

Renting a car in Mexico: how much does it cost to rent a car?

This question: “renting a car in Mexico: how much does it cost?” is often asked and unfortunately there is no clear answer to this. It depends on which season you go, which car you choose and with which options. For renting a car in Mexico we advice to use We personally use easycar, because we have good experiences with their service. If you have any questions, you can always contact customer service directly. The advantage of easycar is that they have dozens of suppliers, which gives you a wide range to choose from. This allows you to rent a nice car for a good price. On average for renting a car in Mexico you can assume that you spend about € 15 per day including additional costs. When renting a car in Mexico, make sure that you choose a car where your large luggage can be transported in the back of the cargo space. The fuel costs are not high, when we were in Mexico the price for 1 liter was 1 dollar. Be aware that at petrol stations a person fill up the car for you, they expect a small tip for this.

Do you need to take out car Insurance

When booking your rental car in Mexico you will be asked if you want to book full insurance with it. This insurance covers any damage to the car in an accident, scratches, roadside assistance costs and the deductible. We always choose to do this, because the extra costs are not high and we are therefore more relaxed when traveling. We do not have to worry about the car, because if something happens your holiday is a bit ruined.

Note: if you have taken out full insurance, the local dealer try to sell extra insurance, don’t do this because it is not necessary. You are already fully covered.

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