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Minca in Colombia is a small laid-back tropical rainforest village at the foot of the Sierra Nevada mountains. A few years ago, this area was owned by the guerrilla group FARC, this is completely different nowadays. It is now safe and is becoming increasingly popular among travelers every year. Minca Colombia is slightly cooler in temperature than the rest of the Caribbean coast which is very pleasant. In Minca there is a lot to do from jungle hikes, visiting jungle coffee plantations, swimming at waterfalls, and enjoying the beautiful views. Also, you can find many beautiful accommodations in Minca that are located in unique locations with breathtaking views. In this article, you will read all the information you need to visit Minca Colombia.

Minca sunrise

What to do in Minca?

In Minca Colombia there are actually 2 fun activities to do. If you do this you are guaranteed that you have seen everything about the environment. The two activities are: hike all day in the area of Minca and go to San Lorenzo. Besides these 2 activities, you can do birdwatching.

Hike in Minca

What you definitely don’t want to miss is hiking in the jungle mountain landscape in Minca Colombia. From Minca you can take a +/- 8-hour trip independently, during this hike you see waterfalls, coffee plantations, many views, jungle, unique accommodations (including the largest hammock in South America).

If you start the route in Minca, it is recommended to take the route clockwise. This makes your first stop Puzo Azul. It is wise to take a motorcycle taxi from Minca to Puzo Azul. From Puzo Azul, you have to take the motorcycle to the coffee plantation Victoria (optional or drive directly to Los Pinos. To walk this yourself is really too far for 1 day. From Los Pinos, you do not need the motorcycle anymore, because from then on you only have to walk down.

Your first stop is cascada Puzo Azul. This is a Cascada that has an up and down swimming area. It is a very nice Cascada in the middle of the jungle, definitely worth relaxing here. Your second (optional) stop is Victoria. Here you can take a tour in English or Spanish where they explain the entire process to make drinkable coffee. If you have never had a tour about coffee before this is fun, if you are familiar with this you can consider skipping this. After this, you ask the motorbikes to bring you to Los Pinos. From Los Pinos, you walk back to the village. At Los Pinos, you have a very beautiful view. After Los Pinos, you continue to Casa Elemento, Minca’s most popular accommodation. At Casa Elemento, you can relax on the largest hammock in South America. Before you almost arrive at Casa Elemento you have to walk up to several houses. There is a restaurant at these houses, where you can have a good lunch. The food here is tasty and very cheap. Finally, you walk to cascades de Marinka, these waterfalls are more spectacular than Puzo Azul and less touristy, so top! You must start the tour early, an hour or 8:00, to have enough time for the walk itself and to relax on the way. Also keep an eye on your time, because you should not be walking in the dark.

Tip: Bring enough water and cash and use a motorbike taxi to save time plus walk heavy long stretches. The motorcycle taxis are cheap and will take you to a location quickly, it is also possible to arrange that they wait at a location. Not every location has continuous motor taxis. This means you don’t have to wait a lot of time.

minca waterfall
minca map

Watch the sunset in San Lorenzo

If you really want to challenge yourself then a visit to San Lorenzo is for you. You will go up from the village with a motorcycle taxi for an hour and a half in the morning and end up at an altitude of 2630 meters at the San Lorenzo viewpoint. It is a really cool ride to drive through the jungle alone in the dark. Be aware that it is not the most comfortable tour. But once you arrive in San Lorenzo you can enjoy the sunrise alone at the highest mountains near the sea in the world. The costs for this are 60,000-70,000 COP.

Tip: ask for the possibilities at your hostel and book with them. Also pay afterwards.

Minca sunrise san lorenzo

Birdwatching in Minca

If you like bird watching, Minca is an excellent place to do this, because you are in the middle of a jungle. We recommend the below tour. This tour is provided by Antonio Martin. He is an ornithologist and biologist and has an incredible knowledge of the birds in this area. A great tour! You can book your ticket via the link below.

Birdwatching Minca | $20 per person

Minca bird

How do you get to Minca?

Minca is easily accessible from Santa Marta, Taganga, Palomino, Cartagena, and the rest of Colombia. The only way to get to Minca Colombia is via Santa Marta. Santa Marta is easily reached by bus or plane. Once you arrive in Santa Marta you can take the bus between Calle 11 & 12 towards Minca. The buses to Minca Colombia leave about every half hour. The bus takes +/- 45 minutes and costs 8,000 COP ($2 per person). It is also possible to take a taxi.

Where to stay in Minca?

Minca Colombia is known for the many beautiful accommodations. Several accommodations are located in the middle of the jungle high in the mountains. It is, therefore, an adventure to come here, because you have to do this with a motorcycle taxi. Some accommodations are 45 minutes outside Minca located. If this is too far away you can choose to use a car or stay in the village itself.

Tip: if you take a motorcycle taxi and you have a lot of luggage, you can leave your luggage somewhere in a hostel in the village for a fee and take only what is necessary.

We recommend two accommodations that are outside the village because they have a unique location and you can enjoy ultimate seclusion from the world during your stay. Make your reservation in time because both accommodations are quickly fully booked. If you want to stay in the village, we recommend Rio Elemento.

Loma Nevada Minca Hotel

Minca v1

This hotel is perfect for relaxing. Loma Nevada Minca stands out because it has the best view of Minca. The rooms are new and clean. The rooms have a hammock and fantastic views. If you want to enjoy the peace and the view, then this is for you.

Price per night from:
$ 27 double room

Minca Ecohabs

minca v2

Minca Ecohabs is a top stay. You can stay here in your own tree house, you have a large balcony where you can relax with a beautiful view. The advantage is that you have peace of mind but still have the opportunity to walk to the village of Minca so that you can eat at different restaurants.

Price per night from:
$ 58 double room

Next destination

From Minca you can travel to different places, such as: Palomino, Tayrona National Park, Santa Marta or San Gil. When you follow our Colombia itinerary your next destination is Santa Marta.

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#1 Best travel guide for Minca Colombia#1 Best travel guide for Minca Colombia#1 Best travel guide for Minca Colombia


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